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Other Activities

The Course in self-defense and stunts
What is being taught:

The course is for both women and men

All who will attend the courses will be registered free of charge with our PJ casting agency. The best graduates of the course will be given an opportunity to become active members of our stuntman group and doubler team. The course will be under the supervision of experienced stuntmen.

The price of the course is 2900 Kč. Members registered with our agency will have a 10 % discount. One course consists of 10 lessons. Each is 1,5 hours.
You can register or receive information about the courses at:

Mobil: +420 775 652 256   E-mail: robin@pjcasting.com

Acting Course in English

The course will begin on April 7, 2005 (Thursday) at 6pm and will meet every thursday at 6pm at the offices of PJ Casting. Each lesson will be 135 minutes (three teaching hours) for only 450,-Kč.
Upon the completion of 15 lessons, each student will receive a Certificate of Completion stating that they have successfully finished an English acting course.
The course will be led by Dušan Fager. He is a native English speaking actor who was trained in Los Angeles and now lives in Prague. The camera operator for the course will be Marek Dobeš, director of the film „Choking Hazard“.
We will be using scenes from the upcoming film „Adolf Hitler Doesn’t Like Disco“ which will be filmed in English. It is possible that some of the roles for the film will be cast from participants in this course.

Courses in sports for children

In these courses children are taught the basics of basketball, volleyball, handball, soccer, swimming, ice hockey, judo, badminton and other sports

The details about these courses are available at our office or at the following telephone numbers.

Mobil: +420 775 652 256   E-mail: robin@pjcasting.com